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Yingkou Changtai Aluminum Material Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company integrated with production of aluminum alloy ……[more]
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In 2004 the company commissioned the production of products for aluminum profiles and products the company was absorbed in Liaoning……[more]
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Best quality competitive price premium service to benefit entire community……[MORE]
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Add:Xiwaihuan Road, Liaoning Province, China
Tel:86-417-5219333 ?6972300 (English)
Fax:86-417-5219111      Zip:115100
Email:[email protected]
          Sponsor:Yingkou Changtai Aluminum Material Co., Ltd
辽ICP备12011124号-1   Web Design:Yingkou window????
Technical support:Yingkou Aisida Computer Information Network Limited(ratified Jianzhan units)
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